2015 Kansas City Mayoral Race: DOA


Kansas City, Missouri…Paris of the Plains…the home of the world’s best BBQ, Google Fiber, the defending American League Champion Kansas City Royals, and a non-existent mayoral contest (which may not be a bad thing).

Yes, April 7th marks yet another Missouri General Municipal Election and thus another mayoral tilt. This year’s contest features three candidates: incumbent Mayor Sly James, Clay Chastain, and Vincent “General Lee” Lee (yes that’s a self-inflicted nickname…we know).

2015 Kansas City Mayoral Candidates

  Mayor-Sly-James1-819x1024 Mayor Sly James (incumbent)

A successful lawyer, with an undergraduate degree from Kansas City’s own Rockhurst University and a J.D. from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, James won election to Kansas City’s highest office in 2011 with a whopping 62.9% over opponent Mike Burke. Mayor James has been nationally recognized as a champion of technological innovation, most notably securing Kansas City’s place a a launching pad of sorts for the ultra-fast internet service provider, Google Fiber.

 Chastain Clay Chastain

A successful businessman with an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arkansas (gross), Chastain has long been a champion for light rail in the city. One challenge his candidacy faces, however, is the fact that his primary residence continues to be Bedford, Virginia; a sleepy town of 6,000 in the Appalachian foothills. Though it’s our understanding that a claimed shared-residence with his sister within the Kansas City city limits is the basis of his electoral eligibility.

_DSC0302 Vincent “General Lee” Lee

Little is known about the man known as “General Lee”. A write-in candidate in the last four mayoral contests, the General has finally made it on the official ballot. His biggest claim to fame, as noted in The Kansas City Star:

Lee, who says he is known as “General Lee,” is perhaps best known locally for having tried unsuccessfully to buy the former federal government building at 911 Walnut St. in the 1990s to turn it into a juvenile detention center. He sued federal officials over their decision to sell the building to a management company, but his lawsuit was dismissed.

The Kansas City Star, January 13th, 2015

Even so, any candidacy’s chances of success would be considered dubious with a featured post on Scambook.com (you’re welcome).

Be sure to come back next week for 24th State Solutions’ official endorsement in this race.

Election Day is April 7th.

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