Toilet Law


I’d like to begin by saying that we here at 24th State Solutions consider Missouri as a conservative state and ourselves as somewhat conservative. Yet, as you may have heard, a certain set of bills (**cough** HB 1338 & HB 1339) were filed in the Missouri House of Representatives last week. You may have also heard that these particular bills would ensure that our great state will, furthermore, ensure that all public non-single occupancy restrooms be “gender-divided” while also prohibit the appropriation or expenditure of state revenues for the purpose of creating a “gender-neutral” environment.

Upon strenuous review, we’re confounded.

We just simply can’t decide whether these bills are more lame or unnecessary….or both.

Who honestly dreams of election to Jefferson City to be a leader in toilet law?

Rep. Jeff Pogue (R-143) apparently has dared to dream that impossible dream.

headshot-social Rep. Jeff Pogue (R-143)

He even went so far as saying that the purpose of this legislation was to “protect the social norms of our state”.

I’m an old Missouri boy. I was born here and I’ll likely die here too. I love this state as much as the anyone. Yet, I’ve never thought of Missouri a great purveyor of social mores. A governing state should never be thought of in that way. In fact, the ideals of classical liberalism as well a modern conservatism would see these bills as a affront to personal and social liberty, if anything. Legislating morality is more in tune with the Wahhabism of Saudi Arabia and ISIS….essentially Sharia Law.

Simply. It’s Un-American.

We sincerely hope that Mr. Pogue or the House leadership will value his/their reputation(s) as a serious small government conservative(s) and withdraw this ill-conceived legislation.

Bills such as these really hold no purpose. No one, especially the Rep. Pogue’s constituents, will benefit in any way from this legislation. The only thing it truly accomplishes is giving conservative states like Missouri another unfavorable headline in the national press and a cheap and inconsequential attempt at notoriety on the part of Rep. Pogue.

Though, that aforementioned attempt a notoriety isn’t lost on us here at 24th State Solutions.

In fact, we’ll think of Mr. Pogue every time we use the toilet.

It’s where his bills should be.

Agent 24

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