The General Lee Rides Again


No you weren’t dreaming.

As some of you may be aware, yesterday was Election Day in Missouri.

All across our state, candidates were elected, ballot measures were passed/defeated, and civil protection ordinances were rescinded (more on that later).

Among all of our local races throughout the state, the most prominent (and least competitive) was that of the Kansas City mayoral primary race. As we noted in an earlier piece, this year’s contest featured three candidates: incumbent Mayor Sly James, Virginia-based (seriously) Clay Chastain, and Vincent “General Lee” Lee.

MAYORAL ME 032415 DRE 0247f

2015 Kansas City Mayoral candidates (L-R: James, Chastain, Lee)

Needless to say and much to no surprise, Mayor Sly James garnered the most support yesterday with 82% of the vote.

As expected.

What wasn’t anticipated, however, was the relatively strong performance of our favorite “entrepreneur” Mr. Vincent “General Lee” Lee, who garnered 11% of the vote. A very fair showing, all things considered.

_DSC0258 Vincent “General Lee” Lee

That leaves Clay Chastain, who received a paltry 7% support among voters. Proving himself to being about as competent as Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane in catching the General Lee.

tumblr_l9l2dvEc6d1qate3qo1_400 Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane and “Flash”

We digress.

So with all that said, our top two vote-earners, Mayor James and Mr. Lee, will finally face-off in the June 23rd run-off election.

While Mr. Chastain’s political career my have been “put out to pasture” (a favorite “Missourism” our ours), the political aspirations and relevancy of one Mr. Vincent “General Lee” Lee continue…..for now…..

(We apologize for all the Georgia references, we hate the Bulldogs as much as anyone.)


Agent 24

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