“I Want Them Keys”


As we waxed poetic a few weeks ago, the municipal elections, held April 7th, provided the people with an opportunity to affect real change within their local communities. And affect they did. All across Missouri, new mayors, aldermen, council members, and commissioners were democratically selected to represent their respective communities.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Think again.

One Missouri community is experiencing a certain roadblock with that….more specifically an impeachment process. An impeachment three weeks removed from election day? We’ve truly seen it all.

This latest episode of inept governance comes to us from the tiny south St. Louis County municipality of Kinloch.

As did many Missouri municipalities, Kinloch elected a new mayor on April 7th, Betty McCray. Yet, as the events of the past week have proven…not everyone is thrilled with the results, as Mayor-Elect McCray was met by seemingly the entire Kinloch Police Department on her would-be first day on the job. McCray was also informed by the Kinloch city attorney James Robinson that her refused admittance was due to the fact that she’d already been impeached and that she’d been previously mailed a letter from the city stating as much. Kinloch’s outgoing administration even refused to allow the city clerk to give McCray the oath of office, citing voter fraud.

Scandalous indeed.

McCray’s response was short and direct:

“I won. The people spoke, I was sworn in by the St. Louis County. Today I take office. I want them out, I want them keys.”

Kinloch Mayor-Elect Betty McCray


Kinloch, Missouri Myaor-Elect Betty McCray

Now that’s the kind of leadership so many of our Missouri municipalities have been lacking.

McCray does have a point. The St. Louis County Board of Elections did indeed certify Kinloch’s mayoral election results.

Whatever is going on at Kinloch City Hall, it certainly smells of political gamesmanship….just what we needed….

We’ll continue to monitor this story and bring you its conclusion.

On behalf of Mayor-Elect McCray we just have one question for the Kinloch City Council:

Where Them Keys?

24th State Solutions

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