Ole Dirty Diehl

John-Diehl-last-day-2013     Speaker John Diehl (R-89)

We’d like to begin by asking you to accept our sincerest apologies for taking so long to write again (forced vacation time will do that to you).

As we’re sure you’ve heard by now, Missouri House Speaker John Diehl (R-89) announced today that he’ll be resigning from the Legislature after acknowledging that he’d engaged in sexually explicit text conversations with a Capitol intern. If you haven’t seen them you can view them HERE.

Being a former Capitol intern myself, this story, to me, is both shocking and amusing at the same time.

It’s shocking in the sense that “scandals” such as this rarely touch the likes of Missouri….and, at the same time, it’s amusing that one finally has. Every dog has his day.

Now we could easily write some scathing piece about the complete and utter hypocrisy that was Speaker Diehl’s political and public persona. That of a “family values” conservative turned Capitol philanderer…but we won’t.

Instead, we’ll just leave you with a thought.

As enticing as it may be, the concept of “values voting” has always been a misguided one. While we do, ideally, want our public officials to possess a strong moral fiber (especially in terms of valuing the responsibility of good governance), we should shy away from making the mistake of associating one’s personal failings with one’s ability to deliver good governance. Though, in this case, due to the fact that the other participant in the affair was an intern, a conflict of interest exists, and thus Diehl’s resignation is appropriate.

Speaker Diehl was yet another victim of the digital age. A place where nearly every piece of correspondence is digitized and thus theoretically preserved forever.

Some advice: STOP TEXTING (courtesy Anthony Weiner)

Phone calls are much more intimate anyway……


An excerpt from Diehl’s mistress’ phone (The Kansas City Star)

All jokes aside, we’d also like to conclude by wishing Speaker Diehl all the best in both his future endeavors.

24th State Solutions

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