County Profile: Audrain

audrain MO_20086

Audrain County, founded on December 13, 1836, was named after Colonel James Hunter Audrain, a Pennsylvania-born Missouri militiaman who is noted for his service in the War of 1812. After the war, Colonel Audrain would later go on to be elected to the Missouri Legislature, representing St. Charles County.

Audrain County Notables

Founded:  December 13, 1836

County Seat: Mexico

Largest City: Mexico (11,543)

Population: 25,529

Size: 697 sq mi (1,805 km2)

Institutions: None

Famous Persons:

  • Missouri Governor and Senator Christopher “Kit” Bond
  • Missouri Senator Xenophon P. Wilfley


Audrain County Courthouse (Mexico)



Governor and Senator Christopher “Kit” Bond 


Missouri Senator Xenophon P. Wilfley


A bird’s-eye view of Mexico, Missouri

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