Through our frequent perusing of our state’s daily periodicals, we were certainly amused by a certain editorial published in last week’s Kansas City Star regarding Missouri’s “mean spirited” General Assembly.

Where’s the beef?

Well it seems that some are rather put out over the General Assembly’s recent budget bill which included language that voids in-state tuition eligibility for undocumented students; meaning increased costs for many.

Those affected are largely immigrant students who came to the United States as children under dubious circumstances. Thanks to 2012 action by President Obama, they can remain in the country under “deferred action” status. In Missouri, that status offered a way around a previously approved policy that prevented state-funded colleges and universities from granting in-state tuition to students who had an “unlawful presence” here.

This the new language attached to the budget bill deems these students as having lawmakers “unlawful immigration status.” As such, Missouri universities will interpret that to exclude immigrant students from in-state tuition.

As the author also states, a University of Missouri spokesman said 20 to 30 affected students are believed to attend the system’s four campuses. Other state institutions like the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg plans on utilizing private funds in order to close the gap in tuition funding made by the budget bill’s new language.

The author sums all of this up with deeming the legislature’s policy as “immoral and foolish” while also suggesting that “pricing kids out of college” isn’t going to stem illegal immigration.

We disagree.

There is no doubt that if those like-minded with the author truly controlled Jefferson City’s purse-strings, Missouri’s fiscal health would surely be on a road to ruin. The State of Missouri is in no position to offer financial reward and benefits to foreign nationals who reside within it’s borders illegally.

The United States of America’s unrivaled growth and success as a world superpower most assuredly owes a great deal to lawful immigration. We are a nation of immigrants (Native Americans aside). It is fundamentally un-American to be against immigration. It’s really the bedrock of our society. That said, state financing of non-citizen’s education is truly a raw deal for not only native Missouri students but the lawfully naturalized immigrant population as well. Why should illegal non-citizens be rewarded over both native and naturalized Missourians?

Simply put? They shouldn’t.

24th State Solutions

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