Right-To-Veto II


In a masterstroke for Missouri’s working families, the Missouri House of Representatives failed to override Governor Nixon’s veto regarding Missouri’s ‘Right-To-Work’ status on Wednesday.

As you’ll recall, we first broached this topic in our June 8th piece Right-To-Veto. Then, we praised Governor Nixon for protecting an existing economic environment in this state that allows working people the ability to negotiate for fair wages and workplace rights.

September in Missouri means veto session in Missouri. Every year around this time the legislature gets the chance to publicly rebuke the Governor.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon delivers the State of the State speech to the legislature in the House of Represenatives chambers at the Statre Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri on January 19, 2011. UPI/Bill Greenblatt

The Missouri House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Enter out-of-state special interest groups and corporate rancor.

The Republican-led House voted 96 to 63 for the Right-To-Work bill, 13 votes short of the 109 needed to override.

The Republican-controlled legislatures in Missouri’s Midwestern neighbors of Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan have recently enacted similar policies with the help of Republican governors. Six of the eight states bordering Missouri have the law.

The bill’s failure is a real national setback for the measure. Enacting it in a state with a Democratic governor would have been an incredible victory. But alas….even a super-majority in both legislative chambers was not enough to complete the job for Right-To-Work’s corporate financiers.

A very sad day for the Republican caucus’ brain trust in Springfield and their out-of-state corporate allies (especially the one’s from a certain Bentonville, Arkansas) indeed.

Twenty Republicans voted against right to work. Republican Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, who is running for governor in 2016, called them out on it after veto session.

“I happen to believe (Republicans who voted against the bill) are mistaken both on the policy and the politics of that vote.”

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder (R)


Lt. Governor Kinder assured Right-To-Work proponents that his elections next year would lead to the controversial law’s enactment. 

What this means for the future is simple. If the people of Missouri want to maintain their state’s non-Right-To-Work status, then Attorney General Chris Koster must become Governor in 2017. Otherwise, this whole veto exercise is merely a waste of everyone’s time.

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