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KANSAS CITY, Mo.- Call me a scrooge if you will, but Governor Nixon should join the majority of his gubernatorial counterparts (31 as of now) in calling for a pause in the Obama Administration’s Syrian refugee asylum program.

Nation Divided: An updated map of the states welcoming and not welcoming Syrian refugees. Missouri remains uncommitted.

As an issue that’s caused much fervor around the country in the wake of Friday’s barbaric terrorist attacks in Paris, France, the Obama Administration’s recent initiative to offer asylum to hundreds of thousands of Syrian nationals to the United States remains the nation’s most hotly contested issue.

The catalyst, of course, for this opposition to the Administration’s asylum program came on Friday evening after eight terrorists, with direct training and support from ISIS, slaughtered 132 and wounded some 350 people on the streets of Paris. In the aftermath, it was revealed that multiple members of the eight-man terror operation possessed forged Syrian and Turkish passports. Authentic passports, of course, equate to safe and non-vetted passage to Western Europe. Knowing this, ISIS provides its agents with these dubious documents in order to grant them easy passage through any potential security obstacles. Every agent that successfully blends in with the sea of humanity that treks from Syria to Europe is a major coup for the terror group.

Sea of Men: The vast majority of migrants entering Europe are males in their 20’s and 30’s. This image was taken this October in Serbia.

Of course, German Chancellor Angela Merkel bears nearly as much responsibility for the attacks as ISIS themselves. Her feckless policy to grant anyone who arrives in Germany full diplomatic asylum along with full government benefits is the true catalyst for this mess. After that fateful announcement, Syrians by the hundreds of thousands began the trek to Germany. Interestingly, enough, it’s not just Syrians anymore; people from as far as Afghanistan and Somalia have embarked on their own journey to Germany as well. More interesting, however, is the fact that a vast majority of these migrants are military-aged men in their 20’s and 30’s. Where are the women and children? You’ll certainly have to squint to find them. Inflatable rafts full of young men arrive on Greek shores every day. Why aren’t they fighting for their homes in Syria? When you consider the benefits on offer from Germany; why would they?

It seems like everyone with a Syrian passport, forged or otherwise, is headed to the West these days. In fact, just today, it was reported that five Syrians were arrested in Honduras for trying to utilize stolen Greek passports in order to travel to the United States. In Turkey too, eight Syrians were arrested in Istanbul after arriving on a flight from Morocco. While they claimed to be tourists just vacationing for a few days, they carried with them documents detailing bus, train and boat routes through the Balkans to Germany. Perhaps most importantly, they carried when them forged Syrian passports that were nearly identical to the one found near the body of one of the three suicide bombers who detonated themselves outside Paris’ Stade de France on Friday. A dubious trend to say the least.

Capture fingerprints2E73D6C900000578-3321632-This_is_the_remains_of_one_of_the_suicide_bomber_who_targeted_80-a-7_1447746703928passport

Mystery Man: (Top Left) The face of an ISIS killer. (Top Center) He was identified by matching his fingerprints to these taken on the Greek island of Leros on October 3rd. (Top Right) His remains were covered by a sheet outside Paris’ Stade de France on Friday. (Bottom) This forged passport was found near the body. This copies of this exact passport have turned up across Europe in recent weeks.

Fingerprint checks of the bomber’s remains revealed the man, who had falsely declared himself to be a Syrian named Ahmad Almohammad, 25, had entered Greece as a refugee on October 3. He was among 198 migrants who landed on the Greek island of Leros after crossing the Aegean from Turkey on an inflatable raft. He was processed as a refugee by the Greek authorities who interview more than 1,000 migrants and refugees a day to establish their real identities and nationalities. They took his photograph and fingerprints before issuing him a document that enabled him to purchase a ferry ticket to leave the island for mainland Greece. From there he moved into Macedonia, then to Serbia, then to Croatia, and then on to Paris where he’d die in a suicide mission for ISIS less than a month later.

Maximum Capacity: Many economic migrants and refugees, including the Paris bomber, cross the Aegean from Turkey to Greece in rafts like this one.
Unsurprisingly, President Obama has, thus far, staunchly defending his refugee program. Today, the President hit out at several Republican critics, utilizing some of their own words against them, mockingly suggesting that they’re afraid of the numerous “widows and orphans” among the mass of refugees (an homage to criticism leveled at him by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie). The President went on to reiterate his stated goal of relocating some 200,000 Syrians to the United States by the end of 2017.
Unwavering: President Obama reiterated his support for the controversial Syrian asylum program on Wednesday. All this after originally announcing the move on Twitter (above) in September.
Unfortunately for the President, a majority of Americans are firmly opposed to the asylum program. According to a new Bloomberg poll, 53% of Americans are against accepting any Syrian asylum seekers, 28% support the original plan of relocating only 10,000 to proceed, and 11% support only Christian refugees be accepted.
Bloomberg Poll
Source: Bloomberg Politics

I’m not wanting for a lesson in Constitutional law. I’m distinctly aware that the Syrian refugee relocation program is a Federal function whose implementation is not subject to contest and debate from disgruntled Governors (even if there are 31 of them).

That said.

I do think it’s absolutely imperative that both the Congress, the Governors, and local officials hold the Obama Administration’s proverbial feet to the fire regarding the processes in which these refugees are both vetted and evaluated. Despite the Administrations seemingly cavalier attitude regarding criticism on the issue, the program is, in its very essence, a perilous humanitarian gamble. If one refugee, among the planned 200,000, commits an act of terror that results in he loss of even one American life; won’t the fault rest solely with the White House? I’d tend to think so. Not to mention the fact that ISIS themselves promised such a scenario back in February, when they promised to flood Europe with 500,000 refugees as a means of psychological warfare. Today the number of refugees that have reached Europe ranges from 800,000-1,000,000. They’ve kept their promise.



Promise Kept?: In February, ISIS promised to flood Europe with refugees. Now as many as 200,000 are slated to arrive in the United States by Decemebr 2017.

Having the utmost respect for the President, it seems like a dangerous and unnecessary risk for him to undertake. Even one slip up could result in the tarnishing of his legacy. Something he clearly values.

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    You cannot negotiate with Obama. He wants the world to take care of these people so they can re-arrange the Middle East without any backlash from the people.

    As of this very moment Obama has thrown our country into a state of peril – no jobs, just borrowed money rewards. Why is he overloading the country with immigrants or refugees – to cause chaos.


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