County Profile: Bates

bates MO_20099

Bates County, founded on January 29, 1841, was named for Missouri’s 2nd Governor, Frederick Bates. However, the county is most prominently known as the only county in the United States to have endured total evacuation during the Civil War, under General Order No.11 in 1863.


painting, bust view (retouched)

Governor Frederick Bates


Bates County Notables

Founded:  January 29, 1841

County Seat: Butler

Largest City: Butler (4,219)

Population: 17,049

Size: 851 sq mi (2,204 km2)

Institutions: None

Famous Persons: None



Bates County Courthouse (Butler)


A mural commemorating General Order No. 11 in downtown Butler.



Much of Bates County consists of farmland, as seen here near Ballard.


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