2016 Pre-Filing Preview: Senate


It’s New Year’s Eve and that means this will be our final submission of 2015. Don’t fret. We’ll be back in 2016 to bring you all the latest coverage on all things Missouri. Until then, we’ll offer up the second part of our pre-filing preview for the upcoming 2016 legislative session; this time we’ll turn our attention to the Senate. Though it is the upper chamber of the state legislature, the bills that come out of the Missouri State Senate can be just as amusing and wacky as those from the House. So, with that said, we’ve compiled the top-five most ‘entertaining’ bills slated for introduction in the new legislative session in January.


Honorable Mention) SB 632 Sifton: Imposes a gift ban for the members of the General Assembly and their candidate committees.

Anyone who’s worked a day in Jefferson City knows that gifts to candidates from their “candidate committees” are nothing more than a legally sanctioned ‘greasing of the wheels’. We wouldn’t be shocked to see this bill die in committee.


#5) SB 602 Chappelle-Nadal: Creates a tax credit for adoption of dogs or cats from a shelter.

This is certainly an oddity in legislative terms but, to be fair, this isn’t the worst idea in the world. Puppies make great politics.


#4) SB 584 Munzlinger: Allows those licensed by the Department of Agriculture to grow and handle industrial hemp.

The slippery slope of marijuana making it’s legal entrance in Missouri has begun in earnest. To that we say: far out dude!


#3) SB 590 Dixon: Modifies provisions related to first degree murder.

This bill would remove mandatory life-sentences for 16 and 17 year old offenders; giving them 50-year sentences instead. We guess this is empathetic policy, but honestly, will this really make a difference? Probably not.


#2) SB 589 Dixon: Removes the current ban on carrying concealed firearms in higher education institutions.

As big of advocates as we are for the 2nd Amendment and the rights provided therein, we’d be hesitant to allow anyone affiliated with the Concerned Student 1950 group (Melissa Click included) to have a concealed weapon. One can only imagine how they’d react if their “Safe Space” were ever to be violated by something as sinister as free speech. Let’s keep concealed firearms away from Mizzou for the time being. Besides, there’s always 2017!


#1) SB 703 Munzlinger: Modifies the definition of livestock by changing the word “buffalo” to “bison”.

This bill is one of finest examples of legal nuance that we’ve ever come across. Personally, we’ve always felt the term “bison” was reserved purely for the scientific community and the pretentious. We’ll stick with “buffalo”, thanks.


24th State Solutions


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