She’s Back!


Not So Sweet: Missouri’s most infamous social justice warrior, Melissa Click, is back in the headlines. She’s pictured here, in the video that made her famous for intimidating a student journalist, in November.

COLUMBIA, Mo.- Alas she’s back. Yes, if you were able to infer from the image above; Melissa Click is back in the news. Much like a persistent skin rash or a clingy girlfriend, Ms. Click just won’t seem to go away. Fortunately, this time the catalyst for her name’s return to the headlines is more about justice.

This time more so poetic than social.

On Tuesday, more than 100 Missouri Republican legislators called for the firing of the University of Missouri-Columbia’s more infamous faculty member, Melissa Click, who received nationwide attention after a video surfaced of her attempting to intimidate student journalists at the site of a campus protest on public property in November.

So far, 99 House members and 18 state senators have signed letters to top administrators of the University of Missouri System and its flagship campus in Columbia, charging that communications assistant professor “failed to meet the obligations she has to her supervisors, fellow professors, University students, and the taxpayers of Missouri” when she called for “muscle” to help her remove a student journalist from the protest site, held on public property.

This is poetic justice at its finest.

Any student of history can tell you that radical movements often ‘eat their own’. That is to say, that things borne of radical movements tend to meet their demise in a similarly radical way. This particular situation is no different.

Ms. Click radical actions apparently have radical consequences. We certainly can’t recall a time when a public school instructor’s ouster was requested by the state legislature. A first indeed.

We’ll continue to monitor this story as it develops throughout the week. Though, not matter what the eventual outcome, we’re pleasantly surprised that the politicians in Jefferson City are taking a stand and doing the right thing.

A first indeed.


24th State Solutions


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