Back In Session

Todd Richardson

Speaker Speaking: Missouri House Speaker Todd Richardson delivered his opening address of the 2016 legislative session on Wednesday.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.- As we’ve been reminding everyone for weeks now, Wednesday marked the opening day of the 2016 legislative session in Jefferson City. The day kicked off with Speaker Todd Richardson (R-152) delivering a session-opening address to the House of Representatives. In the speech, Speaker Richardson took time to acknowledge the devastating floods in southeastern Missouri, welcome new House members, and lay out the Republican majority’s legislative agenda for new year.

Richardson’s speech also highlighted reform for the legislature to build upon within municipal courts, income taxes, welfare benefits, and his concerns with the state’s economic growth and security.

Speaker Richardson concluded by calling for better cooperation between both parties and legislative bodies in order to accomplish more in this year’s session, he said:

“Ultimately, the solutions to these problems will not be mine, rather they will be ours. We have the collective ability to solve the problems that now confront us. If we do not believe we are capable of it, surely no one else will.” – Speaker Todd Richardson

January 6th, 2016

The speech was followed by the annual reading of the Bill of Rights. The reading of the 2nd Amendment received a definite roar of applause.

The House chamber will be the setting of another crucial speech next in the coming weeks as Governor Nixon will deliver his final State of the State address to a joint legislative session on January 20th.

As always, we’ll have full coverage of Governor Nixon’s address and much more in the coming weeks.


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