Click Gets Cut


End of the Line?: Melissa Click’s continued employment by the University of Missouri-Columbia remains a hot button issue in Jefferson City.

COLUMBIA, Mo.- In 1687, English physicist Issac Newton published his great Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica (Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy). In that work, Newton first introduced his three principle laws of motion. Newton’s third law of motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

While this site will never profess to be a bastion of the sciences, we do reserve the right to utilize them when they can aid in our storytelling. Which is what they do here.

First, the action.

If you recall, there was a little major dust-up at the University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou) last November. It was then that leftist campus groups rose up to demand the resignations of the university’s leadership due to their perceived failure to acknowledge the campus’ “rampant” racial insensitivity. Through that episode and the subsequent protests it engendered, came the rise of the nation’s most infamous social justice warrior, Melissa Click.

Ms. Click, of course, is a communications professor at Mizzou who threatened a student journalist by imploring for “some muscle” to have him removed from her designated “safe space.” For that incident, Ms. Click was charged with assault but made a plea to avoid jail time.

Then, it was revealed last week that body cameras worn by members of the Columbia Police Department captured Ms. Click screaming profanities at them while she was standing in the middle of the street and impeding the Mizzou homecoming parade.

Yet, at the time of this article’s publishing, Ms. Click remains employed by the university. As we’ve stated before, we’re of the belief that Ms. Click should be relieved of her position at Mizzou with immediate effect and that her continued employment is a discredit to not only the university and its alumni but the state as a whole.

Second, the reaction.

Today the House Budget Chairman Tom Flanigan rolled out a new budget proposal that would see an $8 million cut in funding for the University of Missouri System.

Specifically, the aggregate cut would come from two areas:

– Roughly $400,000 from the University of Missouri-Columbia campus budget, specifically targeting the salaries of Ms. Click, the chair in communications and the dean of arts and science.

– $7.6 million in reductions to the budget of the system administration, which mostly consists of the board of curators, president’s office and other multi-campus functions. Which is roughly half of the amount appropriated in 2015.

Flanigan said in a statement to the press:

“For several months legislators have had stories relayed to us from current and past students, staff, and faculty of a vast bureaucracy that rivals the Pentagon in terms of red tape and delays. Additionally, appropriators are deeply concerned with the faculty waiver process, how conflicts of interest are addressed, and the inability to terminate employees who participate in conduct unbecoming the University of Missouri and our state, the committee substitute ensures administrators, not students, feel the pain of these budget actions.”

Rep. Tom Flanigan (R-127)


The Reaction: On Tuesday, Rep. Tom Flanigan (R-127) announced proposed budget cuts to the University of Missouri System which also target specific faculty members, including Melissa Click.

That said, the $27.1 billion state budget proposal still needs approval by the House Budget Committee and the full House body before it is sent to the Senate.

Something tells us these smartly prescribed cuts will meet little resistance.


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