Equine Abuser Identified


Face of Hate: April Foster (left) is pictured only seconds before she strikes Kansas City patrol horse, Dan (right), in the face.

KANSAS CITY, Mo.- As we noted in last week’s Trump Rocks Missouri, a Kansas City Police Department patrol horse, Dan, was viciously assaulted by a woman just outside the Donald Trump campaign event at the Midland Theater last Saturday night.

Yesterday, the identity of the equine abuser was revealed as April Foster, 29, who on her Instagram account, Foster describes herself as a “worker, writer, commie, feminist [and] trans.” She also appears to be a member of the communist group, Progressive Youth Organization.

Ms. Foster was among a group of anti-Trump protesters who began moving onto Main Street in an apparent effort to block traffic.After refusing to obey repeated police commands to return to the sidewalk, police say Foster, 29, approached a mounted officer and his horse, Dan, and began screaming and yelling in the horse’s face in an attempt to scare the animal.  That effort having failed, Foster became increasingly agitated.  Police say she then struck the horse in the face with in open hand, before she fled and disappeared into the larger crowd.

“When this tactic [screaming] did not work she attempted to push my horse with no success. I observed this to only make her more angry and violent and in a last attempt she struck my horse in the face with an open hand.”

Official Police Incident Report

Foster,April (3)

Busted: April Foster (above) was arrested and charged with the abuse of a police service animal on Friday.

Police credit an anonymous call to the local TIPS hotline for providing them with the information needed to locate and arrest Foster last Friday.  She was charged with abuse of a police service animal and released after posting a $500 bond.  Foster is scheduled to appear in a Kansas City municipal court on May 4 at 9:00 a.m.

You can watch video the incident here, courtesy of KMBC 9 News:


24th State Solutions will continue to declare our continued support to Missouri law enforcement officials and officers, both human and animal alike.

It’s a sorry state of affairs when those who take full advantage of the the right to free expression (like Ms. Foster), exert such effort in silencing the expression of others.

24th State Solutions

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