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Dominant Donald: Donald J. Trump won five states in the March 15th primaries, including Missouri, by a margin of 1,726 votes.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – After a nearly two week wait for word, the Missouri Republican Party finally certified the results of its March 15th presidential preference primary, which saw New York businessman Donald J. Trump narrowly defeat Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) by a margin of 1,726 votes statewide.

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Trump Triumphant: Donald J. Trump won Missouri over Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) by a 1,726 vote margin. The presences of Governor John Kasich (R-OH) and Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) had an obvious effect on the overall outcome of the primary contest. [Graphic: CNN]

When analyzing the results map, one can see that Mr. Trump dominated across nearly every region of the state, all the way from the bootheel to the Iowa border. One would also notice that there were significant pockets of support for Mr. Cruz, the the Little Dixie area of Columbia and Jefferson City, the evangelical strongholds in the southwest around Springfield, and the entire Kansas City metropolitan area. It’s important to note that Mr. Cruz’s campaign manager, Jeff Roe, also heads the fabled political consulting firm, Axiom Strategies; located in Kansas City. Taking that fact into account, the strong organizing effort in Kansas City for Mr. Cruz should come as little surprise, though losing the statewide vote overall to a New York real-estate mogul has to be a bit of a black eye for both Mr. Roe and Axiom moving forward.

Why did Mr. Trump triumph over Mr. Cruz in Missouri? St. Louis.

The St. Louis metropolitan area, which includes St. Louis City, St. Louis, St. Charles, and Jefferson counties came up aces for Trump. Providing him with significant vote margins that enabled him to withstand his poor showing in the population centers of the western part of the state.

Repub Results

Sea of Orange, Pockets of Red: Donald J. Trump carried a vast majority of Missouri counties (Orange), while Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) found significant pockets of support. [Graphic: CNN]


All Smiles: Fmr. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton defeated Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) by a 1,531 vote margin in Missouri.

On the Democratic side, the primary outcome was determined much more competently. That contest’s outcome was very much welcome to Fmr. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, who, like Mr. Trump, scored a narrow victory over her Democratic-Socialist rival, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT),  by a margin of just 1,531 votes statewide.

dem results

Confident Clinton: Fmr. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton won Missouri over Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) by a 1,531 vote margin. [Graphic: CNN]

When analyzing the results map, one can see that Mrs. Clinton ran up sizable vote margins in both Kansas City and St. Louis, while essentially splitting the rural vote with Mr. Sanders. Mr. Sanders, some would say naturally, proved strong in the ‘college towns’ of Cape Girardeau, Columbia, Kirksville, Maryville, and Springfield.

Why did Mrs. Clinton defeat Mr. Sanders in Missouri? The black vote.

This has been a theme throughout the previous southern primary contests. Mrs. Clinton finds widespread support within the black community. For whatever reason, Mr. Sanders’ message has failed to translate into widespread support from black voters. The large African-American communities in both St. Louis City, St. Louis and Jackson counties, served as Mrs. Clinton’s base support in the primary contest, propelling her to her slim victory. Hopefully, their loyal support will not be forgotten by Mrs. Clinton, she owes her victory to them.

dem results 2

Feeling Blue: Fmr. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton found crucial pockets of support in both Kansas City and St. Louis, while Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) dominated the southwestern portion of the state and “college towns.” [Graphic:CNN]

Will Missouri prove to be a bellwether in this year’s primary process? Only time will tell.

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