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Hazy Horizon: Could marijuana farms like this one be coming soon to a field near you?

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri House of Representatives voted down a proposal to legalize medical marijuana on Thursday.

The ‘nay’ vote came only days after the House gave preliminary approval to the plan. On Thursday, the House reversed course and voted 66-87 against the measure, which would have called for voters to decide this November whether they favor legalizing medical marijuana only for people who are in hospices.

While the expansion of any marijuana access will always have its detractors, those that say that allowing any form of legalized marijuana would lead to higher use among teenagers and, potentially, even looser drugs laws in the future.

Yet, this particular legislation, HB 2213, also known as the Missouri Compassionate Care Act,  was considered to be so narrowly worded that many proponents of medical marijuana cheered on its demise with many saying that they couldn’t support such a ‘limited measure.’ Even so, some lawmakers say inaction on medical marijuana legislation could embolden activists and proponents who are seeking to put a more expansive measure, in the form of a state constitutional amendment on the November 8th ballot.


Promising Prescription: Missourians could soon receive medical prescriptions for Marijuana.

In our eyes, there’s little downside to a medical legalization of marijuana, prescribed by practicing physicians to those who suffer from chronic illnesses such as: neuropathic pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and even concussion symptoms.

A recreational legalization of marijuana is a different animal entirely, while there are some compelling arguments for a legalization path, much of the county is still unsure as to its potential ramifications. The idea of introducing another depressant drug into the marketplace gives many pause. Yes, we acknowledge that the primary reason for marijuana’s current illegality has more to do with who’s profiting rather than the government’s actual concern for the average American’s health.

That said, we feel the ultimate success or failure of marijuana legalization is tied to the outcome of Colorado and Washington’s respective legalization ‘experiments.’

If in 2020, one can find in both Colorado and Washington, healthy marijuana tax revenue streams and lower drug-related arrest rates, we’d fully expect to see an expanded movement nationwide toward further legalization. Only time will tell.


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